NETBIO-CHEM 1 LTR (Spray Based)

NETBIO-CHEM 1 LTR (Spray Based)


Country Of Origin: INDIA

Description of product

- Spray or fogging based, minimum human touch.
- Water based ready to use solution.
- No solvents, no fumes.
- Applied at room temperature.
- Safe of machine and material.
- Airbus and Boeing approval for material safety.
- Tested and approved effective against Covid19 (Corona-virus), H1N1 (Swine-flu), H5N1 (Bird-flu), Mycobacteria (Tuberculosis), Gram negative bacteria (Pseudomonas) and a number of other deadly viruses.
- Tested for EN 14476 standard, a standard critical.
- Non combustible, non flammable, non toxic.



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